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In full bloom (almost)

Lying here in bed feeling the baby kick...actually I can even SEE him kick now. Fun to know that he is a he indeed...Crockett Samuel Smith. Unsure how I feel about knowing the doctor's going to want to do the c-section at 38 weeks. That leaves just 16 weeks to go, which is nice, but I like my babies to come out "fully cooked". We'll see...God's in control.
In other news I've been trying to make a bigger to-do out of Easter this year...really want to revel in remembering what Christ did for us. Kids are loving it. We have an Easter tree. It's a dogwood branch cut from the neighbors tree which hangs over our fence.  :)  We've decorated it with pretty plastic eggs numbered 1 thru 24 and filled with candy so the kids can count down (or up?) to the big day. (Actually #24's empty...sshh! Empty tomb...get it?) Then we added some cut outs of verses and symbols of Christ's ministry from King's history lesson. Then we'll had the artwork from th…