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Women of Faith Conference - Debriefed

#1 You can take this seriously...
#2 ...or not.  It's only my opinion.

What: Women of Faith Conference
Where: Duluth, Georgia
When: This past Friday and Saturday
Who: Sandi Patty, Amy Grant, Anita Renfroe, Brenda Warner, Kelly Minter, Mandisa, a good praise band, and others.  (Plus a big group of great friends from my church, Crossroads Baptist!)
How:  How'd I get to go?  I was the grateful, last minute recipient of an unused ticket.  Also, my mom and dad just happen to be coming to town anyway, so they were kind enough to take on kid duty.  It seemed like the Lord wanted me at this conference for some reason. 

We had fun...lots of laughs and good times.  Quality time with friends (of ALL ages!) is never wasted.The praise and worship was great! (But I couldn't help thinking they could use a little Christa Rooks. ;) )Amy Grant, to my surprise, was probably one of my favorite parts. (I doubt this would be the consensus of my group, but again, this is only MY opinion.)  I have…