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Youth Clichés

#1 Writing about youth camp this year has seemed a lot more daunting then last year.
#2 All that has come to mind when trying to describe the experience are a lot of different clichés.
#3 I've decided to just go with it...this should be fun.

Youth Camp in Clichés
Youth Camp... like opening a can of worms.  Once you pop that top...they're all going to come squirming out. Even though I had one year of youth camp recently under my belt I still had no idea what was going to come up and out of these kids this week.  Once we all headed off in our new (to us) short buses there was no going back!

It's like putting all your eggs in one basket.  You have to be all in, all the way. One thing I knew upon pulling out of the parking lot was that spending the week with these kids would cost me every ounce of mental, physical, and spiritual energy I had.  Those were my eggs, camp was my basket.

The writing was on the wall.  Anticipation. All of us leaders knew something would happen th…

Piecing the Puzzle

#1 I have officially broken my new year's resolution to write every week. #2 I do have a good excuse though... If there is such a thing.

My friend Wendy asked me to teach the main sessions of the upcoming retreat with her group of college girls from church.

I was immediately excited, and nervous, at the opportunity.

Since then a couple of people have asked me about what I'm going teach on and about how it's coming together.

My answer is that it's coming together a lot like my blog posts do...One piece at a time.

Like the pieces of a puzzle.

Right now, I have about half the idea spurred by a discussion in Bible study, a lesson I taught to my highschool life group, a mixture of scriptures and passages, and one big conviction.

I'm heading to camp this week with the youth group from our church and I'm hoping and praying for a more complete picture.

The conviction I'm facing is going to require a change of heart that only the Lord can give me...real…