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Resolution Check

#1 It's the last day in January.
#2 I thought this would be a good time to check-up on those New Year's resolutions

Let's jump right in!

My running goals:
Run a sub-20:00 5k - I really wanted a chance to knock this out quickly, but my training kind of peaked out without time allowing me to get to a race.  I'm going to take a small break to rest up a bit and then re-train with a goal race already picked out.  {In case you were wondering, it's hard to get to races when you can't leave your children home by themselves yet, and your husband works night shift, which means he is basically never awake in the morning time...gotta plan ahead!  No more excuses! (That's me talking to myself.)}Run a 50-miler - My hopes for this have been dashed.  My loving husband is concerned about me running such a distance and doesn't think I should do it.  Without his full support this would really be an impossible goal.  I was really very sad about this, but I may try again in …

Check Your Posture

#1 Having good posture with your body takes practice.  You have to be aware of your body's position and form habits to keep your neck, back, and hips aligned so your body can function at it's best.  (I have my dad to thank for always reminding me to stand up straight...Pilates is good for this too. :) )
#2 Your heart can have a posture all of its own.

What's the position of your heart?
This was a question in our life group's study guide this morning at church.
We've been working our way through Exodus and talked today about the Israelites whining in the desert for water, forgetting where they came from, and losing focus on God and where He was leading them (Exodus 17).
Their hearts were turning inward...focusing on themselves and their immediate needs and desires instead of on the God who, thus far, had provided everything they needed. 

The posture of their hearts was out of alignment.

Boy, could I relate...

Earlier this week I posted this verse on Instagram:
I wa…

Round and Round

#1 The grand scheme of our home school is ever changing.
#2 I'm sure I'll have the "perfect plan" soon after they all graduate. :)

This year we're going "Round and Round."
I used to have a daily plan for school that would generally start with spelling and writing, move to grammar and reading, and then onward to math.  Then we were suppose to do history, science, Latin, and all the rest.  The problem was that we would get through with reading, barely make it through the math, and then either cry and fight through the rest, or just call it a day.  It rarely ended well.

When I realized that we needed to make a change I decided that instead of starting each day the same we would just pick up where we left off the day before.  After a little "googling" I learned that other home school mom's have also been doing this, and that it had a name:

Loop Scheduling.
Who knew???

The blog I first came across gave an outline of how to use Evernote with a …

Building Something Beyond Myself

#1 It's a new year, and I, like so many others, have set some new goals for myself.
#2 To me, these goals are like small building blocks, so I'm asking myself, "What am I building?"

Building Something Beyond Myself
These are my original goals for 2016:Running goals:Run a sub-20:00 5k.  I did a 20:30 this year...cutting 10 seconds per mile is a lot harder than it sounds!Run a 50-miler.  I really want to go back to Utah in September and up the ante...IV does too.Eat for fuel.  Not dieting, just viewing everything I eat as fuel - I want to eat things that benefit my body most.AND...Run more trails. Period.Personal goals:Compliment people more. Whenever I think something nice about a person I want to say it immediately instead of over-thinking it, and letting the moment pass, like I tend to do now.Write more.  I'm going to try to sit down to write at least once a week.  I definitely won't be posting everything I write, but the act of trying keeps me thinking and …