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Bojangles and the Holy Spirit

#1 I love's my favorite. #2 I love my husband, but he says Bojangles can NOT be my favorite. #3 That's why I was eating there alone today.
It was a Sunday (today, in fact). We had just left First Baptist Church where we watched my niece get baptized. IV had to go to work and I was about to head north to pick up our kids from their Nana and Poppy. It was a little early, so I asked IV if he wanted to eat a quick lunch before we went our separate ways. He declined because he knew they would be having food at the station that afternoon.  I said, "Okay," and headed for Bojangles...just for spite. ;)
While I was waiting in the drive through the song I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons came on the radio. I felt a small stir of the Spirit within me...a little random, so I started to pray (which is what I recommend doing if this ever happens to you).
Me: Lord, what do I need to wait for? ...I'm waiting on the closing on our new home, and I realize it may …