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The North Face Endurance Challenge Utah 50k - a recap

IV and I recently ran The North Face Endurance Challenge 50k in Park City, Utah. This was my first ultra marathon and the first race IV's done beyond a 10k. 
I trained steadily for about 16 weeks and IV added in more running and some extra bleacher work to his normal workout schedule.
We originally planned to stay together for the race but when IV started having issues with his calf/Achilles we changed the plan. He decided to just speed hike it instead.
Here's how it went:
Pre-race: A little nervous, and a lot excited. I was ready to get up in those mountains!  IV was like a kid...funny.

Mile 1: Fell in behind a man who was trotting along at a nice steady pace: I could still hear IV behind me when he would cough. The race basically started with an uphill climb that would continue on for what seemed like the next 26 miles.
Mile 6: I passed the first aid station feeling pacer took a potty brake so I found a new one:

IV was running with a 50-something-year-old man who'…