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The Universal Signs of Children: Part II

Once again I looked around my house and said, "Yep. Kids definitely live here."  (See Part I here.) Have you spotted any of these signs in your home?

"Peter Rabbit" graces your butter dish:

The stack of books beside your bed contains at least one story of the Berenstain Bears...and Goodnight Moon (of course).

A potty chair is part of the seating arrangement in your living room.  (I know...that's kinda gross.):

Some Christmas additions...
Thomas around the Christmas tree:

50% of your Christmas tree ornaments are made of foam...a.k.a. modern day construction paper:

I don't even know...who does this?  Obviously someone short:

And then finally...yes, this is actually still happening a year and a half later.  I know someone's gonna say I'm going to miss this one day.  We'll just have to see about that. :

I love my children. God's good.

Attack Plan: Getting Fired Up for Working Out from Home

*UPDATE as of 12/29/2013:  Due to several factors I've decided to postpone this plan til the end of summer for a fall marathon.  I'm going to focus on my 5k time for the spring.  I just found this great article to help me reach my goal: Solving the 5k Puzzle.  I'm not sure this is the exact plan I'll follow but it's a good read anyway.  Also, this whole change of plans is a good reminder of Proverbs 16:9, "The mind ofman plans his way, ButtheLorddirects his steps."  Story of my life.

#1 I've completed two marathons. #2 I said I would never do it again both times. #3 Pain is (sometimes) easily forgotten.'s the plan. (For my reasoning on posting this publicly scan to the end.) I'm starting my new year's fitness push early this year.   I'm not really sure if I'll run a marathon or not, but I like this plan because it's only three days a week and incorporates a speed workout, tempo run, and distance run each week.  These are th…

It's All Under Control

Galatians 2:20, a photo by skeeler5995 on Flickr. #1 I am not a psychologist.

#2 Nor do I wish to be.


"If I could just get my diet under control I think I would feel a lot better."

"If I could just get the mess under control I think my home would be a happier place."

"If I could just get my children under control then I wouldn't have to yell and fuss at them so much."

These are thoughts I've had in one way or another over the years.
I don't think I'm alone in this.
When I'm succeeding at any one of these points I do feel at peace...for a very short while.
When it all comes crashing down again it's like I can feel the darkness of defeat creeping in. I don't know if it's what the beginning of depression feels like or not. (See #1.) I just know that I don't like it.
These times when I realize (or remember) that I actually have no control can either be depressing or a depends on my response.
If I l…

Test Your Patience

#1 You think you have patience? #2 Take this two minute (approximate) test to find out. #3 I've been practicing a while, and am far from mastery. :)