Attack Plan: Getting Fired Up for Working Out from Home

*UPDATE as of 12/29/2013:  Due to several factors I've decided to postpone this plan til the end of summer for a fall marathon.  I'm going to focus on my 5k time for the spring.  I just found this great article to help me reach my goal: Solving the 5k Puzzle.  I'm not sure this is the exact plan I'll follow but it's a good read anyway.  Also, this whole change of plans is a good reminder of Proverbs 16:9, "The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps."  Story of my life.

#1 I've completed two marathons.
#2 I said I would never do it again both times.
#3 Pain is (sometimes) easily forgotten.'s the plan. (For my reasoning on posting this publicly scan to the end.)
I'm starting my new year's fitness push early this year.  
I'm not really sure if I'll run a marathon or not, but I like this plan because it's only three days a week and incorporates a speed workout, tempo run, and distance run each week.  These are the three key workouts I want to do even if I'm not racing.  It also leaves me time for a crossfit/HIIT (high intensity interval training) type workout, and a day for Pilates, which I love for flexibility and core strength.  Plus, I can do all of this from home!  I know you're just as excited as I am!!! Haha!

I plan to get my crossfit/HIIT workouts off the Internet...primarily this site: 
I like it because she posts her WOD (workout of the day), which can mostly be done at home or modified to work for you, and there are video links for all the exercises you don't understand.  If I get bored with that there are endless workouts on Pinterest.  I'll do these on Monday afternoons (and maybe a second day...depending on time) when the kids are resting.

I used to be certified to teach Pilates so I can wing it fairly easily, but if I don't want to think I'll pop in a DVD or find a workout on Netflix...not real picky here.  I'll do these Wednesday mornings...after the kids are fed and settled.

The running plan is the highlight.  I'll get my runs in either before IV leaves for work or as soon as he gets home.  If I plan on it, it will (Lord willing) happen.  If I don't plan it, I won't do it...there are far too many excuses to cling too.
This program is from the FIRST program...I found it here at

From the site (I added the dates, which I may tweak because the marathon I'm thinking of is the Albany Marathon on March 1...we'll see.):

The FIRST Training Plan
The FIRST marathon program includes three running workouts per week—a speed workout, a tempo run, and a long run. Here’s the full, 16-week marathon training program. Participants are also encouraged to cross-train for 40 to 45 minutes on two other days per week.
Saturday Long
Nov. 18
8x400 meters
3 miles
10 miles
Nov. 25
5 miles
12 miles
Dec. 2
7 miles
13 miles
Dec. 9
3 miles
10 miles
Dec. 16
5 miles
14 miles
 Dec. 23
5 miles
15 miles
Dec. 30
8 miles
17 miles
Jan. 6
10 miles
13 miles
Jan. 13
3 miles
18 miles
Jan. 20
5 miles
15 miles
Jan. 27
8 miles
20 miles
Feb. 3
5 miles
15 miles
Feb. 10
5 miles
20 miles
Feb. 17
4 miles
15 miles
Feb. 24
8 miles
10 miles
March 3
30 min easy w 5x60s
20 min easy w 3 or 4 pickups
The FIRST Paces
The training paces recommended by the FIRST program are somewhat faster than those recommended by other training plans. Of course, with just three running days a week, you should be well rested for each workout. Here are the paces you’ll need to run, each expressed relative to your current 10-K race pace.
Long Run
10-K pace + 60 to 75 seconds/mile
Long Tempo
10-K + 30 to 35 seconds
Mid Tempo
10-K + 15 to 20 seconds
Short Tempo
10-K pace
1600m Repeats
10-K - 35 to 40 seconds
1200m Repeats
10-K - 40 to 45 seconds
800m Repeats
10-K - 45 to 50 seconds
400m Repeats
10-K - 55 to 60 seconds

Anyway, that's my plan.  We'll see how it goes.  The reason I'm sharing this is because it's harder to quit if people know you're doing it, and also if anyone ever wants to join me on a run or workout I'd love to have you!  Misery loves company. :)  Ha...just's gonna be fun.

As my brother would say:
Go with God :)


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