The Universal Signs of Children: Part II

Once again I looked around my house and said, "Yep. Kids definitely live here."  (See Part I here.)
Have you spotted any of these signs in your home?

"Peter Rabbit" graces your butter dish:

The stack of books beside your bed contains at least one story of the Berenstain Bears...and Goodnight Moon (of course).

A potty chair is part of the seating arrangement in your living room.  (I know...that's kinda gross.):

Some Christmas additions...

Thomas around the Christmas tree:

50% of your Christmas tree ornaments are made of foam...a.k.a. modern day construction paper:

I don't even know...who does this?  Obviously someone short:

And then finally...yes, this is actually still happening a year and a half later.  I know someone's gonna say I'm going to miss this one day.  We'll just have to see about that. :

I love my children.
God's good.


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