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A 10k Surprise with Twice a Week Training Runs

#1 PLEASE don't take this too seriously! #2 Because I was seriously surprised myself!
{My trophy...I like that it says "First Place" not "First Place in the Women's 30-34 Division" :)}

Preparation: Train for a 5k Then a 10k Then a half-marathon [I took six weeks to train for each.  I ran two days every week - once on my treadmill during the kids' naps (intervals and hills) and once on Saturday when the hubby was home (distance). 
I did strength training three days a week (usually a fast paced circuit) and Zumba one night a week to supplement.  The reason this works for me is because I make every minute of every workout count - I don't have time to waste!
I never raced.  I wanted to, but it never worked out so I did my own personal time trial for all three distances.  None of the results were all that great.)] Now, pick a 5k race. (I picked the Cheerios Challenge 5k, and that's what I trained for.)  [I ran these workouts from Runner's World, on…

How to Make the Most of Being Stranded on a Country Road with Kids (and Thrive!)

#1 Take this very seriously
#2 Because this seriously happened to us

Maybe it will happen to you!
By God's grace alone. Preparation: Pack your recently revived suburban with beach gear, children, and half your house.Leave.When you're at least 30 minutes from anything that resembles a town and at least two hours from anyone you know:
Try not to be too surprised when something falls out from under your truck and the power steering goes out.Pull over. Pray. Laugh. Then go find that thing that fell out.When you find out the problem can't be fixed immediately and the truck isn't going to make it to the beach as is:
Pray again. When an angel and his equally angelic wife appear dressed as a farmer and a farmer's wife in a pickup truck:

Accept all help offered.Slowly cover the mile to their house. Unload kids and cookies. Wave to husband as he drives off with farmer angel to find parts. Let kids eat cookies, drink soda offered by angel wife, and play with random abandoned toys.…