A 10k Surprise with Twice a Week Training Runs

#1 PLEASE don't take this too seriously!
#2 Because I was seriously surprised myself!

{My trophy...I like that it says "First Place" not "First Place in the Women's 30-34 Division" :)}

  • Train for a 5k
  • Then a 10k
  • Then a half-marathon
[I took six weeks to train for each.  I ran two days every week - once on my treadmill during the kids' naps (intervals and hills) and once on Saturday when the hubby was home (distance). 

I did strength training three days a week (usually a fast paced circuit) and Zumba one night a week to supplement.  The reason this works for me is because I make every minute of every workout count - I don't have time to waste! 

I never raced.  I wanted to, but it never worked out so I did my own personal time trial for all three distances.  None of the results were all that great.)]
  • Now, pick a 5k race. (I picked the Cheerios Challenge 5k, and that's what I trained for.) 

  • Sign up for the 10k a week before the race. (Why?  There was a reason, but not a great one.)
  • Decide to just have fun and finish the race.  At least you'll get a t-shirt and a workout.
  • Run a slow three mile warm-up two days before the race to shift your mind from 5k race to 10k survival run. Pray!
  • Ignore all the people passing you at the start.  Go your own pace.  Besides, you're not really there to race.
  • Get faster every mile.  Realize you don't feel so bad afterall.
  • Finish as strong as possible.
  • Surprisingly, you won't regret it.  In fact it may be your best run yet! (At least the surprise effect of how well it went will make it feel that way.)
  • Collect your trophy and cheer on your kid in the one mile race.  Share his victory of a personal best!
  • Never back down from a challenge! 


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