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A Reminder: My take-away from a day in the Pilates and yoga world.

1. I spent today in Atlanta at a certification course for a Pilates and yoga blend fitness class.
2. This reminded me of two things from my past that I seem to have lost passion for...

A Reminder The first thing I was reminded of today was that I really LOVE Pilates as a form of exercise. 
I started doing Pilates shortly after King was born in 2004.  I bought some DVDs I saw advertised on TV by Daisy Fuentes.  (They're still here on Amazon if anyone is interested.  They're basically the same quality workouts I learned today...good, old, stuff.) 
However, I haven't practiced Pilates regularly in quite a while since I've been teaching HIIT (high intensity interval training) at the YMCA and running a lot on my own.  Therefore, I was happy to reconnect with it today.  It makes me feel tall and strong, and teaches muscle control and postural alignment like nothing else. 
I like to teach it too. 

That leads to the second thing of which I was reminded...
I really LOVE to …