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Tennessee in Pictures

#1 I am not a photographer.
#2 But I pretended to be one while I was in Tennessee last week.

The weather was spectacular!  Perfect for working outside, and playing outside.

Our true purpose for this trip was to spend quality time with my brother and his family before they left for the mission field in South Sudan.  (Check it out here:  
The kids soaked up the time together.

It was a great time spent with family and a great time in God's creation.   I took a blue million pictures of flowers, because I like them:
And sunsets:

It was fun playing photographer for a few days.  The photo opps never seemed to stop!

Our Daily Bread - I'm Stuffed!

#1 The request: "Give us this day our daily bread." -Matthew 6:11
#2 The answer: "...your Father knows what you need before you ask him." -Matthew 6:8

August 5 - First day of home school in the Smith house.
September 3 - Breaking point.  I almost made it a whole month! :)

It happens...I get tired, overwhelmed, a little stressed, and a lot discouraged.  I want to quit.
This was the day before our new home school co-op with the Rays for Christ group was set to start.  We hadn't even had our first day yet and I was already planning how I was going to drop out next semester.  Bad.

On top of that I was thinking of our ever present financial woes.  You know how people always say kids are expensive?  Yes, 'tis true.  And let me take this moment to say that the next person who says to me, "It's just $5 a kid!" is going to get a major stink eye from me.  ;)  Anyway...

When it all piles up like this I realize it's time to just lay it all down.  (It…