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Holding the Fort

#1 Being emptied of self can hurt. #2 Being a mother = being emptied of self. #3 Being filled again makes it all worth while. Reading about the Gosnell trial first, then watching and reading about the Boston bombing soon after, had me on the edge of my seat this week.  I was so ready to do something. Anything!   But in my head I said (to no one in particular and in a sarcastic tone), "Oh, that's okay.  You go save the world, I'll just stay home and hold the fort." My heart ached for all those babies, and mothers, and runners, and spectators, and I felt so useless. But I kept on.  I kept praying, kept reigning in the negative thoughts, kept extending the fuse, kept "keeping on". And then...I was empty.  Emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually empty.  Perhaps some of you felt the same. Thankfully, the Lord saw me, and He sees you.  He always sees us. He fills our cups.  He gave me this passage in a whole new light:  23 And He was saying to them all, “If anyone w…