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Punch in the Face

#1 Every new day brings lots and lots of tiny, seemingly inconsequential, choices.
#2 Many, many times I have made the wrong choices, but I have usually been able to gloss over the mistake. #3 Sometimes, though, it can't be glossed...Sometimes, I just really, justifiably, deserve a punch in the face.
Thankfully, no one has ever physically punched me in the face, but I think it might feel better than that gut wrenching feeling you get when you've screwed something up and there's absolutely no way you can take it back.  
I hate that feeling.  
I had that feeling recently.
Outwardly, the whole situation is really no big deal.  It's what it exposed in my heart that made me feel like a squished jelly bean...on the bottom of your shoe...being smeared into the ground...over and over.  Broken and dirty, and a big, fat mess.  
Over the past few months my prayer life has been really disappointing.  I didn't really feel like praying -  it was a chore.  I didn't really kno…