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"Impending Doom"

#1 Things have been feeling a little too comfortable around here lately, especially when I compare my life to what I see happening to people around the world.
#2 I find myself wondering, "How long can this possibly last?"

"IMPENDING DOOM" [Insert suspenseful music here:  dum-dum-dummmm]
A while back my friend posted a link on Facebook to a WebMD article titled "12 Possible Heart Symptoms Never to Ignore" The article was very informative, but the thing that stuck with me came with the first symptom, ANXIETY: Heart attack survivors often talk about having experienced a sense of "impending doom." I've never thought of myself as an anxious person.
I'm not really a worrier.
However, I do find find myself often feeling that something bad is bound to happen...anytime now.
Since reading that article I now affectionately call this feeling "IMPENDING DOOM" [dum-dum-dummmm].

Maybe my life has just been too cushy.
It's definitely not …