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"Lies Women Believe" Bible Study De-briefing

The women's group at my church recently finished a study through the book Lies Women Believe by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.  Honestly, I didn't enjoy it much at first, but I kept going because I needed the fellowship.  Little did I know that God would really use the study to make a small but very impactful change in my life.

It was the second to last week of meetings and I didn't finish the reading.  I skimmed it well enough to have the main ideas ready for discussion.  The group time went well with one or two of the ladies doing most of the talking.  (This does sometimes annoy me but not when what they're saying is worth hearing. :) )

The chapters we were discussing were about life's circumstances and being controlled my your emotions.  At first I thought I would be more impacted by the chapter on circumstances because of what all we've been through this past year, but I was wrong...

When I got home that evening I felt very peace.  I started to pray and re…

It's Not All Peaches

Today King, my six-year-old, was talking to usual. I was attempting to read my newest Runner's World magazine and take a little mental break. It wasn't working. Finally, after King once again required a response to another too-in-depth analysis of a cartoon character's action, I replied sharply, "Okay, that's great." Too bad King's too smart for that.
He looked at me, obviously disappointed,  and said, "Why are you never happy?"
Shot through the heart.
The sad thing is I knew exactly what he was talking about. I tend to, unintentionally, run my "mother business" in a very focused way. I'm not overly strict or structured about anything but it's my state of mind that's the controlling factor. I know there's a certain order and a certain way that things must be done so as not to cause a breakdown of any one person or the house itself. I think by constantly having this "control switch" on...though it'…

New Life

Now that the stomach bug has finished its work in our household we've got more time to enjoy the new life that's springing up in our home. We have the first sprouts of our soon to be garden!
We've got three trays full of little seedlings and enough seeds to fill three more!
There's cucumbers and collards, which are growing the fastest, some corn, tomatoes, carrots, squash, watermelon, and a few different flowers. We're learning as we grow and it's actually very exciting to see what happens!
It was fun today to show the kids how the plants were reaching toward the sun in the window. Of course they asked, "Why?", and the only answer I had was, "Because that's how God made them." They were satisfied. (For now!)