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Lost in the Gray

#1 Sometimes it's easy to judge between right and wrong...I like it when things are black or white.
#2 Sometimes it's a little more difficult, and it takes a little more time to think things through...Ya know - "the gray areas."
Sometimes I get lost in the gray.
It's like driving on a foggy road.  You're driving slow, squinting your eyes, trying to stay in your lane, and your view is so limited that you can't relax, and you definitely can't enjoy the ride!  You feel tense, worried, and unsure about what's up ahead.

This is how I feel when I'm bombarded by decisions or judgments about things that are not clearly defined or things of which I'm unsure. 

If I don't clearly know both sides of an argument, or if my views differ from what someone else is telling me, or if I've simply come to "two roads diverged in a yellow wood," I sometimes have to let my foot off the gas and navigate the path very carefully. 

Maybe I'm o…