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From Peace to Reality and Back Again

#1 Peace.  Calm.  Days that flow.  That's what I want.
#2 Who doesn't?

We went to the beach a couple of weeks ago.
It looked like this:

The weather was amazing, the water was fine, but the best thing about this beach trip was just that "beach feeling".
Peace. Calm. Days that flow.

I get this same feeling when we have time to spend in Tennessee.
It looks like this:
"Tennessee in Pictures" (my previous blog post)

I usually help my dad work on the land, which can be a lot of work, but it's the good kind.
Peaceful.  Calm. Days that flow.

I also recently had this feeling on the women's retreat with my church, Crossroads Baptist.  We went to Ridgecrest, North Carolina, which you've probably already seen, but just for a reminder...
It looked like this:

The view wasn't the only amazing thing about this retreat.   It was an amazing time in the Word with my friends, and a lot of fun.  We spent an exorbitant amount of emotional energy - laughing and c…