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"Hitting the Reset Button"

#1 I started to write this blog last week but just couldn't think of a title to sum it up. My friend from Bible study unknowingly helped me out when she shared that she is "hitting the reset button" on her professional life. That's exactly what I've been doing too. Of course, my "professional life" is officially home making and home schooling, but it's all the same.
#2 Sometimes when God closes a door (or doors) He turns around and helps us see the room we're occupying in a new (and better) light. He is, after all, THE Light. (John 8:12)
This is what He's been doing for me.
First, as some people know, I hit a real hard spot with home schooling last fall. I was ready to hang it up. That, with a pressing need for extra cash lead me to go out and look for a "real job".
Long story short...didn't happen.
Phew! :-)
Then, as some people also know, IV and I have been looking (for a long time) for a house that has the space our family…