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Charleston Marathon Re-Cap

#1 I have officially joined the "I love Charleston!" club.  I love it.
#2 I, however, did not LOVE the Charleston Marathon.  BUT I did survive it.

The Good:
I traveled to Charleston with my BFF Susan.  Turning the whole weekend into a girls' weekend is the best idea I've had in 2015.I had the support of my dear running friends from the Covington YMCA and actually got to run more than half the race with at least one of them.  That was a real morale boost.I finished the race.  Yes I did. The Bad:  The lead cars in the race actually took us the wrong way which added almost .2 miles to the course.  Point two miles may not seem like much, but if you've ever run a marathon then you know it counts.Though I started strong and ran a solid first 20 miles, I hit that "wall" hard.  The last six miles reminded me why I always say I'll never run another marathon after I finish one.  It hurts.I did not make my first time goal of 3:30, which would have positively gua…

RAYS for Christ

#1 This blog is for informational purposes.
#2 If you home school, or are considering home schooling, then this information is for you.

RAYS for Christ Click the heading to go to the RAYS for Christ website.
There are two components to RAYS for Christ.  
First, there's the support group.
On the website you will find the purpose of this support group: Purpose of Group: To glorify and honor our Lord, Jesus Christ.To edify, build-up and support one another in Christ.To assist in development and preservation of the purpose and vision of the homeschooling lifestyle.To provide opportunities for spiritual development collectively and individually.Create a close knit, family oriented group that is there to befriend and support one another.To represent the homeschool community in a manner that honors Jesus Christ.To keep the group informed of any pertinent homeschool current events such as seminars, conferences, and legal issues.To provide an atmosphere for exchange of teaching techniques and…