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Homeschool Curriculum

#1 I'm a great planner.
#2 Plans change.

Someone wants to talk homeschool how-to with me today so I'm gathering up my sources and information for her.  While I'm at it, I figured I'd go ahead and write it up here just in case anyone else is curious.

***Disclaimer:  I am NOT an expert, and after the way this school year unraveled I may be the last person who should be giving advice.  SO, don't take this as advice...take it as a bare bones survival kit that I'm currently using for my kids.  (And when I say "currently," I mean we are so far off schedule that school has officially merged into our daily life so that there is no beginning and there is no end...just a lot of hard work, fun breaks, and more than enough lazy days.)

How we do it (in no particular order, and the links are just quick finds not necessarily best prices/places to buy):
History:  This year we finished up Story of the World vol. 2 and have since been reading Pages of History vol. 2.  I…