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Make the Most Out of Life...Contentment


#1 It's a long lesson learned.

#2 It's actually a long lesson being learned!

Try this:  Lie in bed and think about contentment.
That's what I was doing.  I was lying in bed, thinking about contentment...thinking about the path we've come down...about how being content has been gently pounded into me...remembering all the times of discontent...and how God has always brought me out.  He's always given me little glimpses of hope to keep me going.  He's a good God. 

You can try this, but I don't recommend it:  Go broke.
I remember some low times from the past two years...When our bank account was in the negatives, and I worried, but then we received an unexpected check, and I praised God. I felt relieved. I felt happy, and this was good.  I felt content then, but why had I worried??
When I spent our last $50 on medicine for our kid, but I was  able to have a true peace that even I didn't understand.  I felt content.  I was just happy to be God…

Make the Most of Leftovers...Pizza!

#1 Pizza is serious business.
#2 Yet not so serious at all.

If your family loves pizza (like eat it every other day and be completely happy LOVES) then you may enjoy these ideas for stretching your leftovers from an acceptable meal one day into a family pleasing pizza the next. (We sure did!)

Day 1: Have grilled chicken and rice.  Be sure and grill enough chicken so that you'll have some leftover.

I started with 2 eggs and 2 cups of cooked rice.  I scrambled the eggs then added the rice to the pan.  Then I poured a little soy sauce over it.  I also steamed up a bag of corn and added about a 1/2 cup to the mix.  I sprinkled on some Mrs. Dash Table Blend just for kicks.  I turned it to low and let it simmer, stirring every now and then.  While that was working I grilled up some chicken in my Pampered Chef Grill Pan...probably one of the most used items in my kitchen.  I seasoned it with McCormick's Perfect Pinch Original Chicken, but you can get more creative if you'd like.