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Unreasonable Grace

#1 Never give up reading Scripture...even the passages you've read a hundred times over. #2 You'll always find something that you may have missed before.
Unreasonable Grace
I've read the same Scriptures to the kids as part of our Christmas countdown for the past three years.  I use the Advent booklet by Ann Voskamp as a guide.  It basically walks us from Adam and Eve to the birth of Jesus in 27 days. (It starts on November 29.)  
This year I discovered a common thread throughout the story that I never noticed before.  It has to do with the preservation of the line of Jesus when all reason would have ended it time and time again.  It starts in the beginning...
Adam and Eve:  They ate from the forbidden tree, God could have killed them then and there and started over, but he didn't.  He allowed them to live (for a while) and multiply.  Grace.
Noah:  He was spared when the Lord saw fit to wipe out everyone else.  He didn't have to...once again, He could have just starte…