Resolution Check

#1 It's the last day in January.
#2 I thought this would be a good time to check-up on those New Year's resolutions

Let's jump right in!

My running goals:
  • Run a sub-20:00 5k - I really wanted a chance to knock this out quickly, but my training kind of peaked out without time allowing me to get to a race.  I'm going to take a small break to rest up a bit and then re-train with a goal race already picked out.  {In case you were wondering, it's hard to get to races when you can't leave your children home by themselves yet, and your husband works night shift, which means he is basically never awake in the morning time...gotta plan ahead!  No more excuses! (That's me talking to myself.)}
  • Run a 50-miler - My hopes for this have been dashed.  My loving husband is concerned about me running such a distance and doesn't think I should do it.  Without his full support this would really be an impossible goal.  I was really very sad about this, but I may try again in 2017. This kids will be a year older, and Lord willing, we will not be on night shift anymore. {I'm sorry.  I know a lot of people are on night shift continuously, and some people like it, but it is just not my cup of tea, and really seems to affect everything we do....I shouldn't complain.}
  • Eat for fuel - I'm acing this one...mostly. :)  {My favorite power food this month was oatmeal with about a teaspoon of chia seeds, a teaspoon of ground flax seed, and a cut-up banana.  It's a yummy, filling breakfast.}
  • Run more trails - Fail. Sad.
  • Use running as my "Go" from Mark 16:15 - Not really much success here either...mostly because I haven't raced, and I've been running alone.  I'm not giving up though.  {No more excuses!  (That's me talking to myself again.)}
Personal goals:
  • Compliment people more - I was going strong on this one, and then somewhere along the way I reverted to my introverted, shy, overthinking side, and have failed a few times.  {To the nurse who took my blood the other day:  You have really pretty gray hair. (Seriously...It really was very pretty hair.)  I'm going to keep practicing this.}
  • Write more - I have been writing once a week, though I have not posted everything.  {You probably will never see the "unpostables"...unless I die and someone posts them on behalf.  Too morbid?}
Home school goals:
  • School, in general, is going very well right now.  {Ask me again next's a fragile beast.}
So, that's where I am.  Life's a continual bought of refocusing it seems.  Repositioning.  Resetting.  Re-posturing???

Beyond my silly little New Year's resolutions I have made a most important "re-posturing" of my faith this week...See "Check Your Posture."


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