How to Live Without Losing

#1 God is good to warn us.
#2 God is good to me.

"Watch and pray that you may not enter temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak." Matthew 26:41

Try this:
  • Think of what you want in life, what you want for your family, what you want to accomplish, what you believe you can do. Allow yourself to dream, and start to plan beyond next week.
  • But remember..."the flesh is WEAK." Can you go after these dreams and not be swept away by the world?
That's what did.

I thought:
I make mistakes. I get consumed. But God is gracious, and I fight the flesh. You can too.

Realize this:
  • If you're not glorifying God with all you think, do, and say you're really missing the purpose of it all. (Col. 3:17)
  • Put the spiritual back where it belongs. Put it first. Put God first, but don't stop there. Push all the rest out to God. Give everything you have, are, want to have, and want to be to Him. Until you just want to shout, "IT'S ALL VOID WITHOUT GOD!!!" (Phil. 3:8)
Now realize this:
"When we fail to purposefully and willfully develop this passion [for God's Word], we begin to spend our precious time and days on lesser pursuits...which can lead to wandering off the path of God's purpose for our life and out of His will. 
Your life and living out God's plan and purpose for your life are at stake. And the lives of your loved ones - your marriage partner and your dear children, who are meant to be the next generation of Christians - are also at stake. And your witness at work and in the neighborhood is at stake. Why? Because what you do and don't do to manage your life doesn't only affect you. It affects everyone and everything."
  •  Don't risk it.  Let your kids know, really KNOW in their hearts, that all the stuff, money, and other distractions are not the reason we're here on this earth.  Teach them to love Jesus, love others, and realize that material possessions and personal achievements are just tools to be used.
That's what I want. And not just for my children...but for you too.

So, when your husband has a steady income (at least for now!), and you jump into a business (or two!) of your own...When you make plans for yourself, allow yourself to dream, and run busy everyday...And when, for one second, you lose focus, I pray you'll be able to hear the quiet voice of the Spirit within you. The voice of a God so good as to strongly, clearly, persistently warn you to guard your heart. Then, I pray, you will not falter or hesitate or doubt. You'll know He's right and you'll lay it down. You will not be consumed.

That's what God did for me.
God's grace is good.
He'll cleanse your heart.
Now it's up to you to guard it!!

"For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his life?" Mark 8:36


  1. L.O.V.E. Awesome. Thank you for this excellent advice and reminder.

    1. Thanks Ida. Thanks for reading. :)


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