Monday, January 28, 2013

"Desperate" Online Book Study Starts Tomorrow!

What: The Book -
Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe
by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson
(You can purchase the book at Amazon or I believe you can find it just about anywhere books are sold...I saw one person said they found it at Sam's Club.)

Where: Online Study -
There's an 8-week online book study at and  There are also facebook groups and a "blog tour" which you can find here:

When: Tuesday, January 29 -
It all begins tomorrow.  Find the schedule here.  It's a slow paced reading schedule so even if you're already involved in other studies you'll still be able to keep up.

Why: For encouragement.  To connect with other moms.  To encourage others.  To let other moms connect with you.

Come along for the ride!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Running Gear: A Few of My Favorites

#1 These are a few things I've collected and used over time that have proved worth the money spent.
#2 Everybody runs differently so everybody needs different things...these are just the things that work for me!

Essential...the SHOES:
Mizuno Wave Rider
I've worn many a pairs of the Mizuno Wave Rider.  It's a great neutral shoe.  I usually buy last year's model on sale so it doesn't hurt my checkbook quite so badly.  You can click the pic to go to which has become my go-to for decent shoes at a decent price.
Second runner up:
Nike Air Pegasus
For some reason, I experienced a little foot pain not long ago so I went back to these from the Mizuno for a bit and the pain subsided.  I've since gone back to the Mizuno, but it's nice to have something a bit different if you feel like you need a change.
Next...the SHORTS:
Ok...I just realized that Champion ( ) does not carry my all-time favorite running shorts anymore!  Maybe they'll bring it back.  Anyway, while I was looking around the site I saw these:
Champion Women's Mileage Running Shorts
And these:


Champion PerforMax® Aero Cool Women's Shorts
Both look worthy of a try.  I like ordering from Champion (I always wait til they offer free shipping) because you can always return the goods even if you've worn them a hundred times.  BUT, you can find similar styles at Target, which is nice if you're not sure of the sizing.
You need a SHIRT to go with that:
I'm not too picky about my shirt.  I usually just wear shirts I've earned from races, but if I were going to spend money on a shirt I love these Under Armour tees:

Women's UA Tech Shirt
These are not the slick, tight-fitting Under Armour shirts, but rather a soft, but still sweat-wicking tee.  Very comfy.  I've actually never ordered from but I've bought a couple of these off ebay for a fraction of the price.
When it's COLD outside:
Athleta Half Mile Hoodie
I got this jacket not long ago with a Gap giftcard I got for Christmas (from my loving sons :) ) and I LOVE it!  It's nice and warm without being bulky and has all kinds of nice features...scuba hoodie with covered zipper so it won't rub against your neck, thumb holes so you can pull the sleeves over you hands, a nice size pocket in the back plus big zipper pockets up front.  It's everything I needed in a jacket!  BUT, my friend had a very similar jacket that she bought at Wal-Mart so you don't have to spend big bucks to find something like this.
For the legs:

Champion PerforMax® Aero Cool Women's Knee Tights
These probably don't really do much to keep me warm but they're what I wear when it's too cold for just shorts.  At least it keeps the draft down.


Champion Shape and Shape Too! Sports Bras
I like these because they make it look like I actually may need a sports bra. :) They're flattering yet simple and very comfortable.
The bottom half:
[I was going to insert a picture here of the Victoria's Secret Body Seamless Hiphugger Panty but the only picture available is of a seductive model so I'll leave it out, but these are the best, wedgie free, non-chafing underwear I've worn.]
For the feet:
Champion Double Dry® Performance Low-Cut Heel Shield® Women's
I'm not real picky about my socks, but these have proven faithful...and they're not too pricey.
The finishing DETAILS:
These hold my hair snug without pulling or sliding out.
Right now, I run with an oldschool Suunto watch which serves the purpose and includes the heart rate monitor, but since I don't have a smartphone with GPS I'd love to have one of these:
Garmin Forerunner 10
And I somehow managed to make it through my marathon training without a nice fuel belt, but next time around I'd like to have this:
Nathan Speed 2 Waistpack
Let's top it off with a little MOTIVATION:
I'm not sure how any one runs without a subscription to Runner's World magazine. You can get a deal on it at
In the end:

You can put in a lot of miles without any special gear (that's the beauty of running), but finding a few things you like can really help you run more comfortably, which will in turn keep you running longer. 
Now go run!
(And sign-up for a race!



Saturday, January 19, 2013

He Is It.

#1  He IS it.

Isaiah 33

If I think I can't do it - He is my strength.

If I can't save myself (which I NEVER can) - He is my salvation.

If someone wrongs me - He is my justice.

If I do wrong - He is my righteousness.

If I feel like things are falling apart - He is my stability.

If I feel foolish - He is my wisdom.

If I just don't know - He is my knowledge.

If I need to know which way to go - He is my river.
If I feel judged by other, I don't worry because - He is my judge.

If I don't know right from wrong - He is my lawgiver.


Monday, January 7, 2013


I just bought five of these books: Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson.

I'm hoping I can get a few other ladies to read along with me, and have a little girl time either on facebook or here at my house. 

We'll see.  Honestly, I'm just "desperate" to connect with real friends.

Check it all out here and see if you'd like to join me:

While you're there you can enter a giveaway for a spa/mentoring weekend.  Wouldn't that be nice!

With love,

P.S. More giveaways!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I'm sick of you...yeah, you.

#1 Well, maybe it's not you.
#2 But if it is, I'm not sorry.

Have you ever said, "I just can't memorize Scripture"?  (I'm sure you had SO many good reasons.)
If so, then I'm talking to you.

I want you to know that you just have to WANT TO.  It's all about priorities, right?

It being a brand new year I suggest you add Scripture memorization to your list of resolutions.


Here's some ideas to get you started or to help you if you're stunted:
  • Grab the verse(s) you'd like to memorize and a piece of fruit (I had half a grapefruit)...slice it up then read your verse.  Eat a bite of fruit then read your verse again.  Continue doing this, trying to say more and more without looking after each bite (and after you swallow :) ).  You'll probably have it memorized by the time you finish, but if not repeat the next day!  [This will help you with that "eat healthy" resolution too. :)]
  • Read here for a way to combine Scripture memory with your workout. (Same idea as with the fruit, but read the verse between sets of lunges, bicep curls, etc.)  [This will also help with that "exercise more" resolution. :)]
  • Really you can apply this to any part of your day.  Plan ahead.  You can do it!
OK, I'm really not that sick of you, but I do hate to see people not do something just because it's challenging. 

The Bible says, "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." (Phil. 4:13) 
Now memorize that!