The Journey to Georgia - part 2

The bankruptcy was final in March 2009.  At that point we made a quick dash to a rental house in Dayton, stayed for a few months, then packed up to move to Manchester, TN.  IV had been in law school in Nashville for a year and a half and we hoped to move closer to the school so he could finish faster and easier.  We found a cute little farm house surrounded by cornfields for cheap rent and thought we'd struck gold.  We were there for about a month when we started seeing spiders, and more spiders, and more spiders...Brown Recluse spiders.  We quickly vacated the premises and moved back to my mom and dad's house.  We made a couple of attempts to gather our things from the house but spiders were coming from every nook and cranny.  We left about 90% of our stuff behind.  It was not fun, but it was very cleansing.  Once again the Lord was doing His work in us. 
{A small sampling of the spiders...there were more than Brown Recluses but those are what did us in.}


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