One problem

The only real problem we've had with our new Georgia life (besides missing Dad :( ) is the fact that someone has been sick almost everyday since we got here!  It started with Ace, 15 months, having a bad cold, then King, 6, had it a little worse,  then I had it (seemingly) worst of all.  That was three weeks in a row of sickness. We had a few days break with only Lottie, 2, having the sniffles, but then on our way home from our Louisiana roadtrip I developed a painful sinus infection. If that weren't enough, two days later King comes down with a nasty stomach virus out of nowhere!  Praise God it was short lived and not too messy. (At least not at our house...the first major spew came at Grammy's. Yikes!) No one else seems to have picked it up. I'm praying it stays that way. Now if this sinus infection would just end!


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