Get The Most From Your At-Home Workout

#1 Don't take this too seriously
#2 But this is seriously what I do

It's multi-tasking at its peak, and sometimes it's the only way I get in my workout.

Step 1 - Preparation:
  • Load your dishwasher and shine your sink FlyLady style
  • Flip the laundry or start a new load
  • Make sure the kids are set with snacks or games
  • Take a few minutes to go to a quiet place to pray (I do this first because though I never forget to workout I somehow always forget to stop and pray in the midst of my afternoon.)
  • Gather your workout equipment including your plan of attack (I used this Women's Health workout today.) and position yourself near the kids (This sometimes takes an extra step of clearing off enough floor space to actually be able to move.)
  • Grab your Bible or a verse written out to memorize (I memorized 1 Corinthians 3:12-15 today.)
Step 2 - Begin:
  • Read the verse(s) you're going to memorize out loud (This is why you're near the they can hear you.)
  • Do your first set of exercise, counting the reps out loud (Again, your preschoolers can hear you...count backward sometimes too.)
  • Repeat, alternating reading and exercising until your workout is complete
Step 3 - Assess:
  • If all was done successfully you have now gotten in your workout while doing laundry and dishes, teaching your children scripture and counting (and maybe even some P.E. if they join in, which mine often do). Plus, you've memorized (or at least meditated on) a verse of Scripture.  Not too shabby for a Wednesday afternoon.
  • Now put the kids to nap and take that shower!


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