Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How to De-Slump Yourself

#1 You can take this seriously.
#2 Because it can seriously happen to anyone!

Things to do if you ever find yourself in a slump.  (That's where I found myself yesterday.)  And by "slump," I mean spiritually, emotionally, physically TIRED!

  • Prevent the slump:
  1. Spend time in prayer and in God's Word regularly.  (I slept in yesterday, which is not always bad, but when I sleep in I have to designate the time to stop and pray...I did not.)
  2. Eat a good breakfast. (I had a single slice of banana bread, which is also not bad, but I should have had a scrambled egg along with it...think protein!)
  3. Keep your workout balanced.  (I'd run a lot last week and had a good race on Saturday, but I had stretched minimally, which equalled a super tight back for me.)
Once you find yourself slumped:
  • Stop. Find a quiet spot, even if you just have to imagine it's quiet, and pray.  Read a passage.  Rest your mind for just a moment (or a while).  (I like getting Moody's "Today in the Word" devotions by email for days when I don't have a set Bible Study planned.)
  • Eat.  Sit down and eat something healthy.  (I had leftover chicken and rice, but even a pb&j will help...Try whole grain bread, natural peanut butter, and Smucker's fruit spread.)
  • Stretch.  Try Pilates, or the stretches of your choice.  (I can always tell when I haven't done Pilates in a while.  I did this workout on Netflix: Crunch - Pick Your Spot Pilates. - {If you're a Netflix member you can see it here.}  Lottie, Ace, and Duke did it with me...Crockett just crawled all over me. :) )
  • Hopefully, you feel a little better, a little more energized, and a little less like crawling back into bed and wallowing in self-pity.  (I know I did!)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Signs of a Husband Who Loves You

If your husband shows any of these signs it may mean that he loves you...or he's just a little crazy (or in my case, both)!

He always makes you feel safe:

He always tells the truth...even when it embarrasses you.


He writes you love songs like this:

He doesn't mind if you disagree and admits it if he knows you're right.

He helps you make things like these:
{photo by Monica Carter}

He always says things like, "I don't know what I'd do without you," and means it, (and you're not real sure what he would do without you either :) ).

He always wants to provide for you...even if it comes to this:
El Cheapo Lawn Care.   35 bucks gets it cut!!!
Keep your wife and your beer money!! Call (423) 285-3307.  This deal is for people that live near me. Includes weed eating but not edging.
{yes...he did.}

And most of all (above all), if he loves the Lord and loves Truth, and encourages you to do the same, then you know for sure that it's love...always.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Universal Signs of Children

If you've seen any of these happenings at your home then a child has probably been there...and you can't help but smile. :)

Couch disassembled:

Strange dinner guests:

A rainbow in the dishwasher:

The alphabet strewn across the fridge:

Magnetic creatures attaching themselves to the inside of the washing machine:

And the classic:

(Notice these pictures were all taken on the same day...It could've been any day at our house. The fun never stops...nor the mess.  God's gifts are good.)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Writing about God

I ran across some old college papers today.  They somehow survived the "spider house" (read that story here), which is amazing in and of itself, and surfaced as I was searching for my YMCA aerobic certification cards, which I found expired (of course).  These papers serve as evidence that child bearing kills brain cells. :) 

Upon reading them, and realizing that I have no memory of writing them, I found myself doubting I could do it again.  Who knows though?  The reason I majored in Bible was because it was the only subject I really enjoyed studying and the only one I felt worth such devotion. 

Though writing papers was never one of my favorite past times I do remember the growth I experienced through the process and the sense of fulfillment at the end.  The paper that follows is one I remember dreading to write but it ended up being the one I was most thankful to have written.  It made me think...maybe it will make you think too.

Theology Statement
I believe in God as the Trinity, one nature and three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit; all being equal and eternal.  I believe that Jesus Christ came to earth in human form (John 1:14), being a unified person, fully man and fully God (Colossians 2:9); He is one person with two natures.  He was begotten by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary (Galatians 4:4; Matthew 1:18-25).

I believe God has revealed Himself in His Word through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit on the authors, using their own personalities to record His revelation (Peter 1:20-21; 2 Timothy 3:16).  The Holy Bible, including the Old and New Testaments, is the inerrant Word of God.  I believe the Scriptures hold ultimate authority for doctrine and life.

I believe that God is sovereign over all of creation and that He knows, and controls, the future.  I believe He has revealed Himself through His Word, His Son, and His creation (Hebrews 1:1-2; Psalm 19).  I believe He is great in power and good in justice.  I believe God is immanent and transcendent (Jeremiah 23:24; Isaiah 55:8-9).

I believe that man was created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26), fell to sin, and was cursed to work in life and to die (Genesis 3:16-19).  All men are born with a sinful nature and need to be reconciled to God and justified in His sight (Romans 3:23).  Jesus Christ was sent to earth to die for man's sin (2 Corinthians 5:19).  I believe He died on the cross as a representative and substitute for man's sin (1 John 2:1-2) and that He rose on the third day. 

I believe that Jesus is the only Savior and that only those who repent of their sins, believe that Jesus died and was resurrected, and confess Him as their Lord and Savior are saved from spiritual death by the grace of God (Romans 10:9).

I believe that the Holy Spirit works to bring those who have been predestined to be saved to salvation (Romans 8:29) and that those who have confessed Jesus as Lord are baptized with the Holy Spirit, who convicts of guilt and righteousness and judgment (John 16:8).

I believe that Jesus ascended into Heaven and is seated at the right hand of God (Mark 16:19), and that He will return to earth and reign on His eternal throne (Matthew 24:30-31).

I believe that in the end all men will be resurrected in body, and that all will be judged.  I believe in a real Heaven and a real Hell, and that the righteous before God will spend eternity with God and the unrighteous with be damned to Hell, eternally punished in separation from God (Romans 6:23; Matthew 13:41-42).

I believe that until the time of Jesus' return we are called to spread the Gospel of Jesus death and resurrection, evangelizing (Mark 16:15), and working in the Church, which is the body of Christ.  I believe Christ is the head of this body and that we are all to use the gifts given to us by God to honor God and bring glory to His name and to edify one another in LOVE (Ephesians 4:15-16).