Signs of a Husband Who Loves You

If your husband shows any of these signs it may mean that he loves you...or he's just a little crazy (or in my case, both)!

He always makes you feel safe:

He always tells the truth...even when it embarrasses you.


He writes you love songs like this:

He doesn't mind if you disagree and admits it if he knows you're right.

He helps you make things like these:
{photo by Monica Carter}

He always says things like, "I don't know what I'd do without you," and means it, (and you're not real sure what he would do without you either :) ).

He always wants to provide for you...even if it comes to this:
El Cheapo Lawn Care.   35 bucks gets it cut!!!
Keep your wife and your beer money!! Call (423) 285-3307.  This deal is for people that live near me. Includes weed eating but not edging.
{yes...he did.}

And most of all (above all), if he loves the Lord and loves Truth, and encourages you to do the same, then you know for sure that it's love...always.


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